Describe Sulphonation of –NH2 group

Describe Sulphonation of –NH2 group

Sulphonation of –NH2 group:

Aniline at first produces aniline hydrogen sulphate by reacting with sulphuric acid, which if heated at I80-200°C produces p-amino benzene sulphonic acid or Sulphanilic acid. Nature abounds with nitrogen compounds, many of which occur in plants and are referred to as alkaloids.

Sulphanilic acid is used in:

  1. Production of sulfa drugs, e.g. sulfaguadin, sulfathiozole, sulfadiazin, sulfapyridine etc.
  2. Sulfaguadin is used in stomach diseases.
  3. Sulfadiazin & sulfathiazole are used as anti-microbial agent.
  4. Sulfapyridine is used in the treatment of pneumonia.