Explain Uses of Noble Gas

Uses of Noble Gas:


  • Because of its lightness and non-inflammability helium is used to filling balloons for meteorological observations.
  • Because of its lightness, it is used in inflating aeroplane tyres.
  • The helium-oxygen mixture is used by deep-sea divers in preference to nitrogen-oxygen mixtures. It is much less soluble in blood than N2. This prevents “bends” which is the pain caused by the formation of nitrogen bubbles in blood veins when a diver comes to the surface.
  • A mixture of oxygen and helium is used in the treatment of asthma.
  • Liquid helium ( 4.2K) is used as the cryogenic agent for carrying out various experiments at low temperatures.
  • It is used to produce and sustain powerful superconducting magnets which form an essential part of modern NMR Spectrometers and Magnetic Resonance Imaging system (MRI) for clinical diagnosis.


  • Neon is used in discharge tubes and fluorescent bulbs for advertisement display purposes.
  • Mixed with helium it is used to protect electrical instruments from high Voltages.
  • It is also used in beacon lights for the safety of air navigation as the light possesses fog and storm-penetrating power.
  • The neon light is used in botanical gardens as it stimulates growth and helps the formation of chlorophyll.


  • Mixed with 26% percent nitrogen it is used in gas-filled electric lamps.
  • It is also used in radio valves and tubes.


  • Krypton and xenon are also used in filling incandescent metal filament electric bulbs.
  • They are also used to a small extent in discharge tubes.


  • It is used in radioactive research and in radiotherapy for treatment of cancer.