Factors of a successful Orientation Program

Factors of a successful Orientation Program

Orientation is the task of the selection process. Orientation is a procedure by which employees are given idea, concept, philosophy, data, and information about the organization so that employees can adjust themselves with their organization. It could refer to marketing orientation or to production orientation, to employee orientation or to customer orientation.

Factors of a successful orientation program: Orientation is an important factor in the selection process. Orientation is the process which helps the new employees to introduce themselves with an organization. But there are some factors, which is helpful to make the orientation program successful. These factors are discussed below:

Extensive supervision: Extensive supervision is important when the new employees start their activities. So an organization needs to appoint skilled supervisor when they appoint the new employees. So, that new employees are being quilted properly.

The constant presence of advisor: New employees may commit a mistake in different stages while they are working and can face various types and they can ask any question to an advisor to solve their problem. The important stage of orientation is that advisor has to present with new employees. As a result, the new employees can get a solution and feel comfortable in working period.

Strict follow-up: Follow-up means to abstruse the new employee’s activities carefully. Follow-up is important to solve the problem and make activities comfortable for the new employees. By using proper follow-up organization can make the orientation program successful.

Supervision during trial period: In the trial period the new employees are trained how to perform their activities. At this times supervisor is necessary to make the new employees aware of the problem which can create trouble in this future.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that there are some important factors which are discussing above are necessary to make the orientation a successful one.