Internet Criticism of Metaverse After Legs Announcement

Internet Criticism of Metaverse After Legs Announcement

The Metaverse has taken a beating from the Internet since the corporation announced an intriguing new announcement: legs. The Mark Zuckerberg-led firm tweeted that the metaverse will have legs, a move that will undoubtedly save the faltering “digital universe.”

Twitter users were questioned about their excitement for legs in the announcement.

It turns out that the only reason people were enthusiastic about legs was to be sarcastic.

Sarcastic people typically made jokes or appeared unimpressed.

In addition to the fact that there hasn’t exactly been a great fan desire for legs, individuals have issues with how the characters are now represented.

One Twitter user commented that “Zuckerberg’s obsessive devotion to something that absolutely nobody wants is a fantastic sight to behold” and another added that “maybe in 2023 they can even develop the technology to have shadows under those avatars.”

When the Metaverse’s floating ghouls will be given their new limbs has not yet been specified by the business.