New Apple Maps Features, Trouble for Google Maps!

New Apple Maps Features, Trouble for Google Maps!

Long-standing rivalries between the iPhone manufacturer and its mapping competitors exist. Apple has occasionally provided distinctive features to entice more people. Recent updates to Apple Maps reveal a lot about the company’s strategy for competing with Google Maps. Six new nations are now receiving the new features.

Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Croatia are on the list. Users in the US may already use this updated experience as of 2018. Twenty times since then, the coverage has increased.

What are the new features of apple maps?

Apple Maps now includes Lane Guidance, Natural Language Guidance, Share ETA, and Look Around. Apple Maps is steadily becoming competitive as the iPhone manufacturer adds new experiences at regular intervals. All of these new capabilities, according to the business, are critical components in creating maps from scratch.

New Apple Maps Features, Trouble for Google Maps!

Apple, like other major tech companies, always evaluates products in beta form before releasing them. Several tech leaders and Apple Maps specialists hinted about new capabilities being deployed in specific nations a few weeks ago. In addition to speed and red light camera sites, multi-stop routing, hazard alerts, and electric car charging spots, the new Apple Maps adds.

Let’s look at how the users will benefit from these features. The usage of Natural Language Guidance will prompt users verbally. There are many prompts, such as “Turn right at the next traffic light.” Your anticipated arrival time will be immediately shared with your contacts using the Share ETA function. (only authorized ones). Additionally, this lets your loved ones know where you are and if there are any delays.

You have access to some very wonderful features for trips on public transportation, such:

  • Pin favorite line
  • Notifications when it’s to get off.
  • Find nearby stations

Those that use iPhones love this capability. Even rivals of Apple Maps are adopting it to improve the usability of their maps.

How are maps changing?

For map users, these elements offer a novel experience. The Look Around function, for instance, will offer breathtaking 3D photo-based street-level visuals. In the end, you’ll be aware of your surroundings. Sadly, this function is still unavailable in Austria, but Apple says it will be accessible very soon.

The Flyover will provide 3D images of significant landmarks. The most essential feature is that users will be able to rotate, tilt, pan, and zoom the 3D visuals. Users will be able to locate stores, restrooms, and restaurants at shopping malls and airports using the indoor maps function. This tool will also inform you whether or not a business or restaurant is open. Apple claims to be improving Apple Maps’ privacy features.