Maryam Tsegaye Wins Breakthrough Junior Challenge with Incredible Quantum Tunneling Video

Maryam Tsegaye Wins Breakthrough Junior Challenge with Incredible Quantum Tunneling Video

Breaking down the subject of complex quantum mechanics in a short video, Tsegaye explains how we know how quantum tunneling affects the world. Science is often composed of enthusiastic young people who want to identify with them. Maryam Tsegaye (age 17) certainly falls into this category, winning the annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge for her Quantum Tunneling video.

Tsegaye won a $ 250,000 college scholarship for her science teacher, a physics 50,000 that inspired her love of physics, and a $ 100,000 lab for her high school.

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a global competition for students aged 13-18 to create a video of fewer than 3 minutes long that “brings an idea or theory to life in life sciences, physics or mathematics.”

Tsegaye said in a press release, “Winning the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a life-changing moment for me and presents so many new opportunities that will never happen again.” “I am so humbled to be part of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge community and win it for my school, my teachers, my family, city, and country.”

It is not an easy feat to explain quantum tunneling, a phenomenon in which a particle can enter with such a long energy barrier because the energy of the particle is greater than its own kinetic energy. Quite face to face. To run the subject at home, Tsegaye used clever animations and metaphors for everyday life to explain the complex subatomic particles and the position they are in.

Scott Kelly retired NASA astronaut and Breakthrough Junior Challenge judge, said in a statement, “Over the years, I’ve been inspired by the high quality of Breakthrough Junior Challenge videos and this year was no exception.”

Maryam’s video is a prime example of how cleverly simplifies a complex concept and she provided a significant explanation of quantum tunneling. Congratulations to Maryam, her teachers, her school, and all the students who will benefit from the new lab.Congratulations to his teacher Tsegaye and his school for the impressive work.