Our Favorite Startups from YC’s winter 2022 Demo Day, Part 1

Our Favorite Startups from YC’s winter 2022 Demo Day, Part 1

Y Combinator’s Demo Day confab for the winter 2022 class has come to an end. This year, we reorganized our coverage, dividing it by sector and area. Our objective was to avoid compiling a long list as we have in the past. TechCrunch has coverage of the accelerator’s ever-growing number of African firms, Indian startups, international finance, and even a discussion about the intra-startup rivalry.

However, one aspect of our Y Combinator coverage that will not change is the collection of favorites. This is, of course, just our viewpoint. Our team invests a significant amount of time learning about the technology these companies are developing, the industries that they are targeting, and the regions of the world that they want to serve.

As a result, every one of us has a unique viewpoint. As a result, our favorites are frequently drawn from our areas of expertise and current interests. Which firms stuck out the most to TechCrunch staffers among the hundreds we saw today? Continue reading! Day one of YC Winter 2022, our favorite startups. Alex Wilhelm: Discz Music Details: A smartphone application that mixes music and social aspects aimed at the younger market. 

According to the firm, their software has climbed to the top ten spots in the App Store’s music category. This translates to 15,000 daily active users (DAUs), a sizeable number that should allow the startup to learn a lot from its early adopters. Why it’s a favorite: If Discz can keep growing its DAUs, it’ll be acquisition bait. Every major social service, as well as smaller ones, is awestruck by TikTok’s ability to shape culture by influencing what people listen to. 

A music strategy is required for social media platforms. Why not invest in what Discz is doing and has already gained some momentum with? Spotify, on the other hand, is fantastic at giving music to people, but it is culturally remote. Isn’t it possible that it may benefit from a social media strategy? Guess who I’m thinking of?

The current Y Combinator batch, W22, includes 414 entrepreneurs from 42 countries, covering more than 80 industries. Approximately half of the firms in the W22 batch (where YC’s Standard Deal takes full effect for the first time) are headquartered outside of the United States, similar to past year’s batches. As is customary, the United States has the most representatives. With 32 firms, India is the second-largest population represented in the new class, followed by Nigeria with 18 startups. This is the first time an African nation has made the top three.