Reasons for Demotion

Reasons for Demotion

Demotion is considered as a punishment when an employee is transferred from present post to lower post is called demotion. It means to reduce to a lower grade, rank, class, or position. It refers to a permanent reassignment to a lower position than the employee had worked previously. It is a movement from one position to another that has less pay or responsibility attest to it.

Reasons for demotion: There may be a lot of reason behind demotion. These are discussed below –

Misbehavior: Subordinate should abide by this superior in the organization. But sometimes it is seen that subordinates are not willing to listen to them. They do misbehave with them. For this reason, they may be punished as the demotion.

Negligence is the duty: If an employee doesn’t complete his assign work shows a path to do it, superior may blame him. He neglects his duty and for the same occurrence on a regular basis, they may take decision for this employee’s demotion.

Irregular promotion: It may have happened that an incompetent person gets a promotion by unsolicited. To correct this mistake, they may decide to demote this employee from the current post.

Physical barrier: An employee cannot do everything. If his promoted post not favorable for his physical strength and condition. In that case, an organization may lose its position. So, without demotion, there is no substitute: alternative.

Unfitness: Sometimes employees may be demoted because of fitness. If the employees have not enough fitness then the employees may get a demotion. That is why authority may provide him in the lower post.

Problems of adjustment: If an employee cannot adjust to his working environment, he cannot do a good job and cannot provide his best effort. For the perfect job, an organization has to demote this employee.

Punishment: If an employee committee gets any crime or corruption which has a bad impact on the organization. They can decide to give him demotion as punishment.

There are lots of reasons to take a decision over demotion. Some decision over it may raise negatives reaction in employees mind. So, the authority should take a decision very carefully for this touchy issue.