Short Story of Rabbit and Tortoise

Short Story of Rabbit and Tortoise

Story of Rabbit and Tortoise

Long ago there lived a Rabbit in a jungle. A Tortoise also livid nearby in the same jungle. The Rabbit was always very proud of his fast pace and speed. The Rabbit always teased the Tortoise. One day he challenged the Tortoise to defeat him in a race. The Tortoise accepted the challenge. They both went to a fox and requested him to act as a judge and the fox agreed. Next day the Rabbit and the Tortoise reached the venue. They got ready to run the race. As the fox waved the flag, the two contestants started running. The Rabbit ran very swiftly. But the Tortoise ran very slowly. Covering a considerable distance, the Rabbit stopped to rest and while taking rest he fell asleep. The Tortoise ran nonstop and defeated the Rabbit in the race.

Moral : Pride goes before a fall.