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The necessity of Canal Digging

The necessity of Canal Digging

The digging of canals is very essential for us to supply water for irrigation. Without irrigation, we can never think of achieving self-sufficiency in food. Irrigation can only ensure the increase in food production to meet the demand of the increasing population. Canals are also used to transport water for irrigation and other human uses. Irrigation cannot be successful without a sufficient supply of water. But irrigation programs are started in the dry season when the rain is very scarce and the water of rivers and canals dry up.

In the primitive age, men chose moist land for cultivation. But with the increase in population moist land has become scarce and less available. So, farmers have begun to irrigate dry land for cultivation. They make efforts to make dry land moist by supplying water from canals, rivers, or ditches. In this way, the irrigation system has come into use.

Most of the rivers carry silt from the upstream from time immemorial. As a result, most of the rivers have become over silted. Heavy rainfall during the rainy season causes the rivers to overflow their banks. The rise of water crosses the danger level and there is a flood almost every year. This causes heavy damage to crops.

There are two types of canals: waterways and aqueducts. Waterways are the navigable parts of a body of water and can be located within a bay or open sea, can connect two or more water bodies, or may even form networks within a city. Aqueducts are used exclusively to transport water for drinking, agriculture, and hydroelectric power.

Two main sources of water can be helpful for the success of our irrigation. These are water from rivers and water from canals. But as a matter of fact, because of our rivers being silted, the alternative source of water is the canal. Under this circumstance. The government should exploit the source of water from digging and re-excavating the canals for the overall success of her irrigation.

The government has decided to produce maximum crops during the dry season from November to April. The period is very dry. There is a scarcity of rain at that time. The best way to solve this problem is to make an intensive program of canal digging. The Agriculture Department has taken special care to use fertilizers, insecticides, and proper use of water from canal digging for irrigation.

We must make the canal digging program a success at any cost for our existence. Otherwise, we will not be able to increase our food production and achieve self-sufficiency in food.