Uberall Raises $115M, Acquires MomentFeed to Scale Up its Location Marketing Services

Uberall Raises $115M, Acquires MomentFeed to Scale Up its Location Marketing Services

Hot apps or the advent of innovative technologies can be a prominent category of location-based services to harness the advent of smartphones, but this is mainly because they are now part of the unspoken fabric of how we interact with digital services every day: we rely on search engines when we map Or use the weather app, when we take photos and post a lot more location. Yet, there are many loopholes in how location information links up with accurate information, and so today it has done its business to address an organization that is scaling up its services as well as announcing some funding.

Overall, which works with retailers and other brick-and-mortar operators to help them update more accurate information about themselves and provide them with more accurate information across the excesses of their use to search for applications and other services, announced $115 million . In addition, the Berlin startup is making an acquisition: to buy Momentfeed, a Los Angeles-based location marketing company, to run its business. The fund is also led by London-based investor Briggel Milestone, Level Equity, United Internet and Overall Management. From what we understand from the source, the fund is valued at around $500 million overall and was contracted for Momentfeed and for $50 million to $60 million. 

Business coordination is creating more scale on the platform: Overall they say they will together manage online presence for 1.35 million business locations, customers including gas station operator BP, KFC, Clothing, U Food Chain Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s in the largest position in the field. Florian Hübner, CEO and co-founder of Uller, noted in an interview that the companies have worked together in the United States, but all the same, Momentfeed has developed some specific technologies that will enrich a wide range of platforms, such as a particularly powerful tool for feeling analysis measurement.

“Managing online presence” is not an organization’s website, nor is it its application, but it may be its most common digital touchpoint, even if it’s supposed to engage with online customers. This includes how companies appear on local listing services like Yelp or TripAdvisor or mapping applications like Google – which not only provides listings like address and opening times but also customer reviews – or social applications or location based ads.