What is Biomass Energy?

Wind flows due to the difference of temperature in the earth surface. Kinetic energy due to the air flow can be transferred into electric energy. The machine that transforms energy is called Windmill. People in the ancient time used to lift water from well, sail ship using the wind blow. Still today people sail in the boat using air energy. Nowadays electric energy is produced using windmill with the help of technology.

Biomass Energy is a small fraction of solar energy is transformed into chemical energy by the green plants in the process of photosynthesis and remains stored as biomass in different parts of the trees. Biomass refers to all those organic materials that can transform into energy. Man along with other animals takes biomass as food and keeps their activities of life active by transforming biomass into energy.

Biomass can be considered as a multiple source of biomass energy. The organic substances that can be used as the source of energy are — plants and trees, dry wood, waste of wood, crops, husk of rice, herbs, waste of birds and animals, garbage etc. Biomass is mainly composed of Carbon and Hydrogen. One of the renewable sources of energy is biomass.

Biogas can be produced easily from biomass. We can use this gas as the alternate to natural gas and use for cooking even for the production of electricity. The production of biogas is very simple. If we keep cow dung and water in 1:2 ratio in a closed pot for dumping, biogas will be produced. This gas conies out through a tube. This gas is used for cooking. For the cooking and lighting bulbs for a family of 4/5 persons the requirement of gas can be supplied from the cow dung of only 2/3 cows.