Mathematical Example: Pressure

Question: A vessel contains kerosene. Find the magnitude of pressure at a point 75 cm deep from the surface of kerosene. [Density of kerosene is 800 kgm-3]


Depth of the liquid, h = 75cm = 0.75 m

Density of the liquid, p = 800 kgm-3

Acceleration due to gravity, g= 9.8 ms-2

Pressure P = ?


We know, P= hpg

or, P = 0.75 m x 800 kgm-3 x 9.8 ms2 = 5880Pa

Ans: 5880Pa

Note: The atmospheric pressure on the peak of Mount Everest is about 30% of the sea-level air pressure. For this reason respiration becomes difficult at such a high level. There is a possibility of bleeding from the nose at high altitude as atmospheric pressure is considerably low there. Nowadays normal pressure is kept inside a plane for the convenience of the passengers when it flies at a very high altitude and low pressure region.