Explain on Blind Turn on Hilly Roads

To drive safely is an utmost duty for all driven. Besides, it is more difficult to drive in bad weather like rainfall and fogs. Especially, driving in a hilly road is very risky. Since, hilly roads are zigzag as well as there are too ups and downs. [Below Figure]


Sometimes, it becomes necessary to take turn by 90° for driving in a hilly road. While taking a turn, the driver has to take enough precautions. In a blind turn, the drivers coining from opposite directions cannot see themselves, besides they are not at all aware of what remains on the other side. To solve this problem, large area mirrors are fitted at an angle of 45° in the turn. As a result, the drivers can see everything around the turn and become able to drive safely. It is to be remembered that it is not appropriate to drive fast in the hilly turns.

Besides this, one should not drive a car in a hilly road during the night time except there is an emergency. Since the vision is reduced a lot due to the scarcity of light.