Calcium Aluminoferrite

Calcium Aluminoferrite

Calcium aluminoferrite (Ca2(Al,Fe)2O5) is a mineral compound that belongs to the class of calcium aluminate compounds. It is commonly used as a raw material in the production of Portland cement, which is used in the construction industry.

Calcium aluminoferrite is a dark greenish-gray or black crystalline material that has a melting point of approximately 1870°C. It is formed by the reaction of calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and iron oxide in a high-temperature furnace. The resulting product is then cooled and ground into a fine powder.


It is a relatively stable mineral and is not easily dissolved by water. It is also resistant to acid attack. It is a major component of Portland cement, which is used in construction. It contributes to the strength, durability, and setting time of the cement.

  • Appearance: It is a dark green to black crystalline solid.
  • Density: 3.45 to 3.50 g/cm3.
  • Melting point: The melting point is not well defined, but it is estimated to be around 1600-1700°C.
  • Thermal expansion: It has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it does not expand or contract significantly with changes in temperature.


In cement, calcium aluminoferrite contributes to the early strength development of the material and helps to regulate the setting time. It also plays a role in the chemical and physical properties of the concrete, such as its resistance to sulfate attack and its ability to resist high temperatures.

Calcium aluminoferrite is also used in the production of refractory materials, which are materials that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down or deforming. It has a high melting point and can be used as a raw material in the production of refractory bricks and other heat-resistant products.

Environmental impact

Calcium aluminoferrite is not considered to be a hazardous substance. However, when it is heated at high temperatures, it can release trace amounts of harmful gases.

Overall, calcium aluminoferrite is an important component of Portland cement, which is widely used in the construction industry to create strong and durable structures.