How can Managers Protect Environment from Various Pollutions?

How can Managers Protect Environment from Various Pollutions?

Pollution is not a new phenomenon. It is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and not safe or suitable to use. Pollution arises when society’s wastes begin to impair the quality of the environment for living things. Managers can use various strategies to protect the environment from pollution. They are discussed below.

(a) Consider alternate sources of transportation: Instead of driving your car each day think about using public transportation if this is simply not feasible where you live to try walking riding a bike or even carpooling.

(b) Monitor energy consumption: With some household items the power is always running even when they appear to be off. If you’re not going to be using electronics, simply unplug them or shut off the power strip they are connected to.

(c) Wastage management: The manager of an organization must use a proper wastage management process to dump the wastages produced due to the production process in a way that is not harmful to the environment or does not pollute the environment.

(d) Voluntary business Response: Another approach to pollution control is voluntary business action to prevent pollution or remove it. Business typically recognizes pollution control as one more cost of doing business in a modem environment.

(e) Support businesses that are committed to the environment: Many businesses claim to be part of the green movement, but do your home-work Supporting local coops and business is probably far better for everyone involved if you must support major companies, make sure you are supporting the right ones.

(f) Environmental standards: These standards are established by legislative action and applied by administrative agencies and courts to protect the environment. A manager must abide these standards while running the organization.