Importance and Objectives of Memo

Importance and Objectives of Memo

Importance and Objectives of Memo

Memo is a written means of internal communication. It is generally exchanged between the superiors and subordinates for carrying information related to organizational internal activities. The followings are the points that highlight the importance / objectives of memo:

Issuing orders and instructions: Through memo superiors issue orders, instructions, advices, etc. to their subordinates. Therefore, it is regarded as the means of carrying orders of superiors to the subordinates.

Informing any change in policy: Organizations use memo to inform any change in policy to its various internal parties.

Providing and seeking suggestions and recommendations: Through memo superiors provide advices and suggestions to their subordinates. Again, by writing memo superiors can seek suggestions and recommendations on any matter from their subordinates.

Requesting for help: Organizational people should cooperate each other in performing their activities. For obtaining such cooperation and help, they can write memo to each other.

Requesting for information: Managers need information for preparing plans and taking decisions. For obtaining such information they generally write memos to the concerned internal parties seeking required information.

Informing decisions: Generally, decisions are taken by the top executives. Later on, these are circulated in the whole organization. Memo is used to carry the decisions to the concerned internal panics.

Using as reference in future: Since memo is a written document, it can be preserved and used as reference in future if needed.