Transfer is not only a tool of punishment, reward as well – Explanation

Transfer is not only a tool of punishment, reward as well – Explanation

The transfer is not only exercised for the punishment purpose but as a reward as well. Transfer can be a toll of reward as well. Transfer means the relocation of the job within or outside of the organization. That doesn’t mean for the punishment purpose. We can justify our argument by following ways:

  • Through promotion, the job is also reallocated,
  • Transfer can be exercised from lower post to higher post,
  • It can be exercised from local area to urban aura,
  • It can be exercised at the same level from one shift to another,
  • It can be done by the employee himself by switching the job to a better one,
  • The employee can be rewarded by changing the geographical location of the job may be in abroad through transfer, etc.

Objectives for Transfer:

  • It can be done at the request of an employee due to personal reason like a family problem or health problem.
  • Due to HR policy which states that one employee can work in department or place for a specific time period
  • If an employee is not able to do the work or job assigned effectively he can be transferred to the other job where he can use his skills properly according to his interest and abilities

Therefore, we can say from the above discussion, a transfer is not only a tool of punishment; it can be used as a tool of reward as well. It proves beneficial to both the employees and the organization. To an individual employee, transfers reduce monotony and boredom and increase job satisfaction and improve employee morale.