What is Electromagnet?

What is Electromagnet?

If we insert any iron rod through the solenoid, we can get more powerful magnetic field that the solenoid has. During the flow of current, it is converted into more powerful magnet. This is called electromagnet.

The intensity of this magnet can be increased

  • by increasing the flow of current
  • by increasing the number of coil of the solenoid
  • by bending the iron rod in the form of alphabet U and keeping two ends of U as close as possible.

Now examine with the help of your teacher, how much paper clips or alpines are attracted by the magnetic iron rod for the flow of various current or for increasing the numbers of turn of the solenoid coil. Electromagnet is used to make the electric bell, to cam, the heavy load up and down made by steel or iron or to make crane which is used to remove the rubbish. This magnet is used to remove the dust of iron from the eye. Besides, this magnet is also used as earpiece of telephone and lock of magnetic door.