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A Doctor

A Doctor

A doctor treats ill persons. He is just like a god for the patients. He helps in healing people when they are sick or have injured themselves. He knows how to treat and cure sick people. His duty is to cure his patents and to save lives. A doctor examines a patient. Then he prescribes medicines for cure. They are qualified and trained medical professionals who can diagnose and treat various health conditions of human beings. Some doctors are specialists, such as heart specialists, eye specialists, etc. a doctor who does operations is called a surgeon.

Doctors are a great friend of the sick. They diagnose the condition and prescribe medicines and other treatments that need to be taken to get back to normal health. He also knows how to dress and heal wounds. Specialist doctors are experts in treating diseases of a particular part of the body. He always speaks politely so that the patients feel comfortable. Sometimes medical camps are also organized where doctors may offer their services free of cost.

Doctors work in clinics and hospitals. His job is very important. They conduct various tests to diagnose the ailment afflicting a person. Some doctors have their own clinics. Some doctors work in private hospitals. Doctors may prescribe medicines that need to be consumed orally or administered through injections. A doctor’s work can mean the difference between life and death for a person.

A doctor’s profession is noble. A doctor fights disease and death. He saves many lives. They must attend to their patients promptly. He shall always be ready to serve the sick patients, whenever needed, be it a day or at night. The timely treatment of a sick person can save the life of the person. A doctor’s life is hard. He or she does not have much time for sleep and rest. With prompt medical intervention, doctors save human lives. He feels that an ideal doctor must adjust his professional needs with social service. We should be grateful to the doctor. We must respect him.