Applications of Surface Tension

Applications of surface tension

(i) During stormy weather, oil is poured into the sea around the ship. As the surface tension of oil is less than that of water, it spreads on water surface. Due to the decrease in surface tension, the velocity of the waves decreases. This reduces the wrath of the waves on the ship.

(ii) Lubricating oils spread easily to all parts because of their low surface tension.

(iii) Dirty clothes cannot be washed with water unless some detergent is added to water. When detergent is added to water, one end of the hairpin shaped molecules of the detergent get attracted to water and the other end, to molecules of the dirt. Thus the dirt is suspended surrounded by detergent molecules and this can be easily removed. This detergent action is due to the reduction of surface tension of water when soap or detergent is added to water.

(iv) Cotton dresses are preferred in summer because cotton dresses have fine pores which act as capillaries for the sweat.