Artificial Satellite

Artificial Satellite

Artificial satellite are scientifically developed satellites projected in the space. We know there is a solar world at the center of which is the sun. Some luminaries ejected from the sun are revolving around the sun. These are called planets. The earth is a planet of the sun. Again, some luminaries ejected from the planets are revolving around the planets. These are called satellites. Moon is a satellite of the earth which completes one rotation around the earth in almost 30 days. From the early days of the creation, people used to think how the moon rotates around the earth? In answer to this question, scientists said that the centripetal force of the earth on the moon due to gravitation is the cause of it. If there had not any centripetal force, then the moon would have disappeared in the space. The centrifugal force due to the rotation of the moon around the earth is equal and opposite to the centripetal force applied by the force, hence instead of going straight, the moon rotates around the earth in circular orbit. On the basis of this theory, the satellite that has been made by men for traveling in the space is called artificial satellite. The satellite that is created by man based on this theory in order to go in the outer space is called artificial satellite. It is a man-made device placed in orbit around the earth, moon, or another planet used for communication and transmitting scientific information to earth. An artificial satellite is placed into orbit by being attached to a rocket, launched into space, then detached when it is in the correct location.

The uses of artificial satellites are:

  • They are used for communication purpose.
  • Carry instrument or passengers to perform experiments in space.
  • For Weather Forecasting System.
  • For GPS (Global Positioning System)

The main function of it is to communicate to different places of the world by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. Different types of satellites are weather satellite, space research satellite, naval and air route observatory satellite, communication satellite etc.