Characteristics of Vertebrates

Characteristics of Vertebrates

Some of characteristics of Vertebrates are Describe below.

The Vertebrates have some distinguishing characteristics as the invertebrates have. The main characteristic of the vertebrates are, they have vertebral columns, skeletons within the bodies.

They have wings or two pairs of appendages. Their eyes are simple. Except humans, all other vertebrates have tails. They respire by gills and lungs.

Vertebrates can be divided into many classes on the basis on their diverse characteristics. All fishes belong to group named Pisces. They live in water. Most of them have scales.

However some of them have no scales. They use gills for respiration. They also have fins which they use to swim. Frogs are Amphibians. They spend some pans of their life in water and some on the land. They do not have any hair, scales or feather on integuments. They have two pairs of legs. There is no nail on their phalanges. At the primary stage of their life cycle the tadpole respires by gill and at the adult stage they respire by lungs.

Wall Lizard, crocodile, snake, salamander eta are the reptiles. These animals move by putting their weight on trunk. They have claws on their toes, lay eggs and hatch them to give birth to the young ones. They respire through lungs.