Growth Marketing Roundup: Cool SaaS, Marketing Lies, VR Ads, and More

Growth Marketing Roundup: Cool SaaS, Marketing Lies, VR Ads, and More

One might think that America calls for a small weekly rebuild in a few weeks because of the U.S. holidays, but we can share a lot about growth marketing from our coverage during the week. With your recommendations, this week we’ve been able to interview Pip Laza and Lucy Heskins and publish multiple guest columns on growth, including homepage testing, VR advertising opportunities, agency-naming, and advertising. TechCrunch is gathering feedback on this survey to find the best growth marketer to work with this organization. We’ve included some of our favorite links below.

This early stage marketing expert says that ‘B2B SAS is actually very, very cool now’: Additional Crunch reporter Anna Heim’s experience working with start-ups, how content marketing is best used, and more about how Lucy Heskins, a Wells-based growth marketer interviewed? Navigating Ad Fraud and Abuse of Consumer Privacy in Programmatic Advertising: Did you know that “ad fraud exceeded $35 billion last year, a number that will increase to $50 million by 2020”? Jalal Nasir, Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Compliance Startup Pixellet.

To stay ahead of your competitors, start creating your story one day: Anna also sat down with Pip Lazarus to discuss the importance of a startup for writing its own story and how it can mature with the company. Demand Curve: How to double-convert your start-up homepage: Nick Costello, head of content, is good for when to be unique, and it’s good to be consistent when working for double-conversion on your homepage.

(Extra Crunch) Demand curve: You’ve been told 10 lies about marketing: For customers, Costello has gone through 10 lies you’ve heard about marketing, and what to try instead of creating better results. (Extra Crunch) Can Scale Advertising in VR? AR / VR analyst Michael Boland lists the pros and cons of this article.

(Extra Crunch) What I learned a hard way through 30+ initial naming: Naming a start-up may require more thought than you can imagine. Take a look at what we should consider when choosing a name, such as strategic alignment of marketing executive Drew Bichler.