Societal Marketing Concept

Societal Marketing Concept

Societal Marketing is very vital to society, environment, and businesses. This concept was developed in order to tackle the consumerism and profit only motive of business. The societal marketing concept calls upon marketers to build social and ethical considerations into their marketing practices. Example; CocaCola release an ad that shows people of different ethnicity and singing “America is Beautiful” in different languages.

Some advantages are

  • It helps to build a better image of the company.
  • It ensures that all the economic resources are channelized in the right direction.
  • It develops enterpreneurs as well as managers in a specified society.
  • It raises the living standard of the people.
  • Societal marketing raises the living standard of the people in society.
  • It ensures the economic planning more significant and more fruitful to society.

The societal marketing concept holds that the task of any organization is to identify the needs and wants of the target market and deliver the desired satisfaction in an valuable and proficient manner so that the long-term well-being of the consumers and the society is taken care of. Thus, the societal marketing concept is the extension of the marketing concept as supplemented by the concern for the long-term welfare of the society. Apart from the consumer contentment, it pays attention to the social, ethical and ecological aspects of marketing. There are large numbers of such issues that need to be attended.