Define Uniform and Non-uniform Magnetic Field

Define Uniform and Non-uniform Magnetic Field

Uniform Magnetic Field: Magnetic field is said to be uniform if the magnetic induction has the same magnitude and the same direction at all the points in the region. A uniform magnetic field can be prepared by making a comparatively long cylindrical coil. Once current is flowing throughout the coil a uniform magnetic field will subsist all along the contained by of the coil. This is not true at the very ends of the coil.  Helmholtz coils can be bought for the very basis of supplying a uniform magnetic field.  In either case, the uniform magnetic fields allow for calibration.

It is represented by drawing parallel lines (Figure).


Fig: uniform magnetic field

An example of the uniform magnetic field over a wide area is the Earth’s magnetic field.

A uniform magnetic field is a circumstance where the magnetic field lines are moving from North to the South Pole of a magnet with a uniform severance and they are peripatetic in a straight line, this is not probable to acquire with a single stable magnet. First of all, you should know what magnetic flux is, Magnetic-Flux is the number of magnetic field lines coming out of a magnet per unit area. If the number is high the magnetic field is strong if the number is less the magnetic field is weak.

Non-uniform Magnetic Field: If the magnetic induction varies in magnitude and direction at different points in a region, the magnetic field is said to be non-uniform. The magnetic field due to a bar magnet is non-uniform.

The magnetic field in an area is non-uniform if it has dissimilar magnetic intensities at diverse points in the area. Converging, Diverging, magnetic fields of the majority magnets, etc are examples of non-uniform magnetic fields.

We call a magnetic field uniform in a definite area of space if the magnetic field in that space has a stable magnitude and always points in a similar way. Any time the field has varying magnitude or direction, the field is non-uniform. In certainty, all magnetic fields are non-uniform, but in definite situations, we estimated the fields as being uniform (like in the center of a long coil of wire with current running through it).


Fig: non-uniform magnetic field

It is represented by convergent or divergent lines.

So, Uniform magnetic field lines are starlight lines whereas non-uniform magnetic field lines are curved. Uniform magnetic field lines will be parallel to each other; non-uniform magnetic field lines are not parallel