Income Tax Authority

Income Tax Authority

Income tax authority is the official body that administers and collects a country’s taxes. The bodies responsible for administering the tax laws of a particular country or regional or local authority Income tax authorities are the authorities who hold the sole responsibility to execute the law relating to the income tax applicable in the land and to run various departments formed for streamlining the functions relating to tax are –

  • Identification of assessee to receive tax.
  • Listening complaints.

It is a government agency in charge of monitoring the income tax collection by the Government. It is responsible for administering following direct taxation acts passed by Parliament.

Income tax authorities:

  • The National Board of Revenue.
  • Chief Commissioner of Taxes;
  • Directors-General of Inspection (Taxes)
  • Commissioner of Taxes (Appeals)
  • Director General (Training)
  • Director General, Central Intelligence Cell
  • Commissioners of Taxes.
  • Additional Commissioners of Taxes who may be either Appellate Additional Commissioners of Taxes or Inspecting Additional Commissioners of Taxes.
  • Joint Commissioner of Taxes who may be either Appellate Joint Commissioner of Taxes or Inspecting Joint Commissioner of Taxes.
  • Deputy Commissioners of Taxes.
  • Assistant Commissioners of Taxes,
  • Extra Assistant Commissioners of Taxes, and,
  • Inspectors of Taxes.

Commissioner of Taxes (Appeals)