Verification of the Particle Character of Electron

The photoelectric particle character result barbed to the particle properties of Electron, which had been measured to be a Particle experience. The particle character of the electron is proved by the following different experiments:-

I) When an electron strikes a zinc sulphide screen, a spot of light known as scintillation is produced. A scintillation is localized on the zinc sulphide screen. Therefore the striking electron which produces it also must be localized and is not spread out on the screen. But the localized character is possessed by particles. Hence electron has a particle character.

II) Experiments such as J.J.Thomson’s experiment for determination of the ratio of charge to mass (i.e. e/m) and Milliken oil drop experiment for determination of charge on electron also show that electron has particle character.

II) The phenomenon of Black body radiation and Photoelectric effect also prove the particle nature of radiation.