Calm Makes its First Foray into Physical Activity and Video Content with New ‘Daily Move’ Feature

Calm Makes its First Foray into Physical Activity and Video Content with New ‘Daily Move’ Feature

With its new “Daily Move” short-form video series, meditation app Calm has made its first step into physical exercise. The new function, according to the business, walks customers through easy activities to start them moving. The video series will display on the app on a daily basis. Yoga, tai chi, Pilates, stretching, dancing, strolling, and other activities are included. Each movie is three to five minutes long and may see at any time during the day by the user. Calm claims that it intends to provide consumers with a quick and easy approach to build regular habits around physical exercise. 

It states that Daily Move is designed to provide consumers with a distinct type of activity that focuses on a constant and accessible mind-body connection. Calm views the new function as an entrance point into content for individuals who are intimidated by conventional meditation. Calm’s chief product officer, Mads Johnsen, told TechCrunch, “It’s not high-energy exercise; rather it’s a movement offering that is centered on acceptance, thankfulness, and self-love for your body.” “We aim that the Daily Move helps Calm members to develop a daily habit of enjoyable and mindful exercise to boost delight in the present moment with a mild activity that can be done in a few minutes, at any time of day.”

Calm revealed in a recent survey that individuals prefer the softer side of working out to boost their mental health, with walking and stretching ranking two and three times higher than high-intensity workouts like cardio and weight lifting on people’s weekly activities lists. Calm aims to “continue to investigate additional product offers,” according to Johnsen. We’re continually listening to our members to find out what they want and how we can continue to provide value to their lives.”

Calm just released a new “Premium Family” membership option that covers up to six users, which coincides with the debut of Daily Move. The new package costs $99.99 per year internationally, while a premium individual plan costs $69.99 per year. Members of a family plan do not have to reside in the same place, which is not often the case with app-based family subscription plans. 

Members of all plans have their own personal profiles, which they may use to track their progress, celebrate personal milestones, and choose their favorite meditations and sleep tales. Calm, like with other meditation applications, has witnessed an increase in usage throughout the current epidemic. Calm secured $75 million in Series C fundraising in December 2020, bringing the company’s worth to $2 billion. Lightspeed Venture Partners, a previous investor, led the round, which also included Insight, TPG, and Salesforce CEO and new Slack owner Marc Benioff, among others.